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Remember, we're pulling for you! We're all in it together!

During these unprecedented times, The 
Chippewas of Rama wish to extend this prayer to you 
before this piece about keeping busy and entertained.
Stay safe, stay kind and stay well everyone.  
This is an Indigenous poem from Helen Roy Fuhst for you all:

Gizhe Manidoo
I’iw nama’ewinan, maaba asemaa, miinwaa n’ode’winaanin gda-bagidinimaagom.
(We offer our prayers, tobacco and our hearts.)
Miigwech gda-igom n’mishomissinaanig miinwa n’ookomisinaanig jiinaago gaa-iyaajig, noongom e-iyaajig miinwaa waabang ge-iyaajig.
(Thank you for the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.)
Miigwech manidoog iyaajig noodinong, iyaajig nibiing, iyaajig shkodeng miinwa iyaajig akiing.
(Thank you spirits of the winds, water, fire and earth.)
Miigwech manidoog iyaajig giiwedinong, waabanong, zhaawanong miinwa epangishimok.
(Thank you spirits of the north, east, south and west.)
Daga bi-wiidokawishinaang wii mino bimaadiziyaang.
(Please help us all to live a good life.)


Steve Smith aka Red Green - image free to use via WikiMedia Commons

Who would have thought a phrase from a Canadian TV show would be so poignant today. These are unprecedented times where 'social distancing has become the norm. Although our world has changed, seemingly overnight, this is a time to keep busy at home.

"I've seen these movies a thousand times! Our house can only get so clean!," are some phrases we've heard through social media, and one we'd thought we'd never hear, "I want to go BACK to school!"
Our youth wanting to go to school! These must be new times.

Many outlets online are giving tips to stay busy, stay entertained but most importantly, staying safe. We want to help with that, with online solutions. Overheard on the streaming platform Twitch, here are some more ideas and links to check out while you try to find 'quarentainment.'

Free Shows and Movies
Click here to be taken to CTV's site - Catch up on your favorite shows and also take a look at their free movie catalogue.

Click here to be taken to FilmDoo's Canadian page

FilmDoo's Canadian Films Section - Watch some Canadian films that you have probably never watched before. All free but does require an easy sign-up process.

Click here to go to YouTube's Free Movies with Ads

YouTube's Free with Ads Movie Selection - You may want to scroll down the YouTube page to find the Free to Watch section. Remember, there are ads.

Click here to go to WikiHow's page on making your own movie.

Make Your Own Movie! - Why scan through hundreds of movies when you have the tools at home to make them yourself. You don't need any fancy equipment or boom mics, your smartphone will do just fine. Just remember about scripts, lighting and be sure to talk somewhat more pronounced. This could be a family treasure to hold onto or share with others.

Click here to go to Twitch - sign up required

Twitch - Usually a platform for gamers to stream video game content, Twitch (formerly has become a source for anyone with proper equipment to talk about just about anything! Many streamers are in the same circumstance you are. Chat box, emotes and more are all part of the Twitch platform. Maybe even you could become a Twitch streamer!

Click here to go to TVO's Documentary and Series Section

TVO (Television Ontario) - Full of documentaries and series, TVO is a good place for learning about a lot of Canadian issues, as well as stories from around the world. You may learn something here - you have been warned.

Click here to go to Kanopy
Click here to go to Hoopla

Rama Library Card - With your Rama library card, you can log onto services like Hoopla Digital and Kanopy to watch multimedia. It's a pretty sweet deal that has been set up by libraries all around Canada. Sign-up maybe be required on the initial login.

Click here to find out the best free website builders, as suggested by Hosting Canada

Launch your own website! - We would venture to say that a good number of you would like to have a web presence of your own online. Now has never been a better time to build one, with all the options out there that don't need a bit of coding to build. Many are quite easy to use, with drag-and-drop interfaces. If you know a bit about net things, we would recommend WordPress, but hey, that's just our preference. Choose what it easiest for you to use. Remember, you probably need a web hosting services, and GoDaddy has the cheapest rates around that we have found. Save often!

Click here to go to Reader's Digest Games Page

Reader's Digest Free Games - We really suggest Reader's Digest own crosswords to pass the time, but as you can see there are a plethora of great, free games to play. Watch a quick ad and you're in. No signing up or login. Great way to pass a few hours.

Paid Services

Remember, if you are using these services for the first time, try Google-ing 
'discount codes for _____', the blank being the services you are Google-ing for.
Also, many have free trial periods - if not pleased, remember to cancel BEFORE your first billing.

Click here to go to Prime Video, assuming you have Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime - Have an already active Amazon Prime account? Then you also have access to Prime Video, which is part of the package that Amazon Prime gives you. Many great movies are here, and remember if you are in post-secondary to take advantage of student discounts on membership.

Click here to go to the Spotify Student Page
Spotify - The above link is directed towards the post-secondary Spotify page, where post-secondary students get a month of Premium free with a membership. Not a post-secondary student? Just click the Spotify logo on the top left of the page to be taken to Spotify's home page. An amazing resource (New Media Coordinator Rich Callacott has had it for 8 years and highly recommends) for great music, podcasts and other entertainment.

Click here to go to the home page - A very savvy learning platform that teaches you by doing. So many topics are covered, from basic math and science to AI and Neural Network learning. Expand your mind with one of the most creative sites out there. A little expensive so remember to look for coupon codes, but once in, you won't be disappointed.

Other Ideas from Rama
Click here to go to the Gov. of Canada's Genealogy Site
From the Culture Department - Evelyn Ball had a great idea about starting your own free family tree and discover your genealogy with this free tool. It even include a printable poster like the one shown above to help you get started! Databases and links are all here to help you get started.

Click here to go to ILC
Click here to go to Ontario
Click here to go to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre
From the Education/Post-Secondary Department - Galen Plett is quite open in helping students, at ANY age, get the credits/training/education needed to advance and land a great career in Canada. Need to work from home and get high school credits, even to those student 'still in school'? ILC has got you covered in getting more credits or helping to finish off courses. Want to go to university or college? Start the process now by either the Ontario College's page or the Ontario Universities' Application Centre - shown above. Should you have any questions or need help, please reach out to Galen Plett ( and have a conversation with him. He is extremely helpful and assisted our New Media Specialist with recently going back to college.

This is just a short list of online ideas. I certainly welcome any input, ideas or any feedback. Further ideas will be added to this list, so please don't hesitate to reach out to your New Media Specialist, Richard Callacott, at I look forward to hearing from you.

Chi Miigwech. Ganawendan miziwe.