Remember, we're pulling for you! We're all in it together!

During these unprecedented times, The  Chippewas of Rama wish to extend this prayer to you  before this piece about keeping busy and entertained. Stay safe, stay kind and stay well everyone.   This is an Indigenous poem from Helen Roy Fuhst for you all:

Gizhe Manidoo (Creator) I’iw nama’ewinan, maaba asemaa, miinwaa n’ode’winaanin gda-bagidinimaagom. (We offer our prayers, tobacco and our hearts.) Miigwech gda-igom n’mishomissinaanig miinwa n’ookomisinaanig jiinaago gaa-iyaajig, noongom e-iyaajig miinwaa waabang ge-iyaajig. (Thank you for the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.) Miigwech manidoog iyaajig noodinong, iyaajig nibiing, iyaajig shkodeng miinwa iyaajig akiing. (Thank you spirits of the winds, water, fire and earth.) Miigwech manidoog iyaajig giiwedinong, waabanong, zhaawanong miinwa epangishimok. (Thank you spirits of the north, east, south and west.) Daga bi-wiidokawishinaang wii mino bimaadiziyaang. (Please help us all to live a good life.)

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